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Apr 23, '09

I was saddened to hear about the latest Wack Pack death, Blue Iris. Admittedly, we laughed at her crazy, granny-porn antics and the disturbing sound bites of ecstasy produced from her warped career, but she was a good person. This became evident when she came on the Howard Stern Show with her loving husband as well as the way she cared for people on the show like Richard Christy.  read more »

May 14, '08

As a fan of Howard Stern, I've been known to giggle at his writer Richard Christy's cropped and spliced versions of celebrity audio books. Probably my favorite being Bill Clinton saying, "Monica Lewinsky had a dry hole." Another classic is George Takei declaring, "I love black wang." Yeah, they are silly, immature, and rude, but again, they are mildling amusing, aren't they?  read more »

May 12, '08

Beth Ostrosky was photographed around town attending Candie's Foundation 'Event to Prevent' for the prevention of teenage pregnancy. As we heard today, fiance Howard Stern isn't concerned about preventing teenage pregnancy as much as he is about preventing Beth O's. So does Howard really have the courage to test the pregnancy waters by suggesting a vasectomy? Would Beth agree to it?  read more »

Apr 24, '08

Howard 100 News reporter Steve Langford was brought to tears this morning on The Howard Stern Show when he reported that wack packer Kenneth Keith Kallenbach had died of pnuemonia while in custody for kidnapping charges.  read more »

Apr 23, '08

I'm not sure what the secrecy is over where and when Artie Lange and company will be entertaining the troops with the USO (who is he, Prince Harry?), but after Nick Dipaolo on the H  read more »

Apr 22, '08

Benjy Bronk continues with the "Good Times" theme in his week-6 required video for the Paris Hilton BFF contest. He's still in the lead, and this week he gets a Mexican delivery guy to take on the role of a paparazzo in a skit with an Esther Rolle cutout playing Paris Hilton. Strange?  read more »

Apr 21, '08

I hate to be a buzz-kill, but I just don't get the Howard TV Bowling Beauties special. When Howard Stern announced the idea of girls in bikinis bowling, I thought it was a terrible idea, and now, on paper, it looks so much worse.  read more »

Apr 18, '08

Artie Lange eased the cliffhanger a little bit by annoucing at his gig last night at Union High School that he will be on the show Monday. Since I don't think he'd come in to announce a suspension or a permanent separation from the show, I can only think that he's been given another chance. It's hard to believe after the events that have gone down, but I suppose it's possible.  read more »

Apr 17, '08

No, folks. The strike isn't back. Jay Leno wasn't forced to interview his staff-member Stuttering John because no one else would cross the picket line.  read more »

Apr 15, '08

Robin Quivers appeared on Good Day New York this morning, and the interview was one of the better ones she's done on her Girls Night Out promotional tour.  read more »

Apr 14, '08

Robin Quivers appeared on The View this morning to promote the Rainbow Room charity event for Healing Bridges. Among the highlights were Robin saying that she gets her protein from hemp, Robin doing a black voice when talking about Jim Florentine (doesn't she complain about Oprah doing that?), and Elizabeth Hasselbeck kissing Howard Stern's ass.  read more »

Apr 14, '08

I know Benjy Bronk can be super-annoying on the show, but his latest video for the Paris Hilton BFF contest is pretty amusing, and we need a little silly nonsense since the events of last week.

He had to write a new blog entry as well. Here it is:  read more »

Apr 12, '08

Most of you probably have heard this already, but in case you haven't, here's the audio from Thursday's Howard Stern Show that led to Artie Lange's resignation.

Apr 11, '08

Robin Quivers has been making the publicity rounds for her April 17th Girls Night Out event at the Rainbow Room, and she's now popped up in New York Magazine.  read more »

Apr 10, '08

It took me a long time to process what happened this morning on The Howard Stern Show. In the way that someone might ponder over abruptly getting dumped or unexpectedly losing a family member, it was hard for me to comprehend. I shouldn't have been the least bit surprised that Artie Lange quit, though.  read more »

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