Did you snooze through the first hour? Forget to pay your Sirius bill? Here's what happened.

Howard Stern opened the show playing a clip of deaf porn (deaf women with men who can hear.) That led Artie Lange to talking about how porn people think they are funny.  read more »

Howard Stern opened the show talking about why Hillary Clinton is staying in the race.

Howard played a clip of newsperson Sue Simmons saying "fuck" on the air. Also Howard announced that Jimmy Fallon is replacing Conan O'Brien. Howard didn't understand why NBC was going through with getting rid of Jay Leno when he has such good ratings.  read more »

Howard Stern opened the show saying that tomorrow he's holding a celebrity-fan trivia contest tomorrow between Jimmy Kimmel, Jeff Probst, and Jerry O'Connell.

Howard mentioned that Whoopie Goldberg sent him flowers but he's not sure if she was sincere.

Howard played clips of Bill O'Reilly losing it when he used to be on Inside Edition.  read more »

Howard Stern opened the show playing a clip of "30 Rock" with a shout-out to the Stern Show.

Howard talked about jerking off to the interactive Gina Lynn DVD.

Howard played a new Hate Man message.  read more »

Howard Stern started the show talking about how his fiancee Beth Ostrosky is in Los Angeles. He decided to watch a porn with Gina Lynn, but it ended up being an interactive DVD. Ronnie Mund came in and said that the other DVD was a regular porn movie.

Benjy Bronk was putting his contacts in in the studio so Howard yelled at him.  read more »

Howard Stern opened the show playing a shout-out to the Stern Show from David Letterman on the top-ten list.  read more »

Howard Stern opened the show teasing the audience as to whether the former resigned Artie Lange was back. He was. Artie explained that it was all his fault, and apologized to everyone. He said that he got a lot of calls from people reaching out like David Spade, Norm MacDonald, and people from Sirius.  read more »

The Stern Show is on vacation this week. This is the last live show. Today's eventful show began with Howard Stern discussing how he doesn't like "American Idol" asking for money on "Idol Gives Back." He said that they are making tons of money and shouldn't be asking fans to donate.  read more »

At the beginning of the show, Artie Lange talked about being tired form doing a charity gig last night for a comedian who has cancer but no health insurance. Artie said that performers have to make $8,000 for SAG to provide benefits, and only 5% of the members make that.  read more »

Howard Stern opened the show talking about how he's obsessed with the black and white relationship of Heidi Klum and Seal and their black baby.

Howard talked about K-Rock having lost 2/3 of their income since Howard left.

Richard Christy talked about getting drunk while watching the Kansas game. Artie bet on the game, and his new bookie owes him money now.  read more »

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