Oct 15, '07
It goes without saying that Robin Quivers' new health regimen is bizarre. From flying to California on weekends for the controversial EECP treatments (which no one mentioned the last time Robin flew to LA, by the way) to coffee enemas, it's beyond eccentric. But I was still struck today when Robin explained that she spent the weekend in publisher Judith Regan's apartment detoxing as part of the Martha's Vineyard Diet.

Think of it as a slumber party for the wealthy and the peculiar. Special juices were delivered to the women for their only nourishment and coffee was brewed to be, well, drained into unspeakable crevices and held there for 12-15 minutes as a liver cleanse.

Robin was so busy with these rituals that she missed Artie Lange's 40th birthday party. Well, to be fair, Robin said that she had to go to a concert at the Metropolitan Museum of Art...with Judith.

Her weekends seem to be consistently consumed with "getting healthy". Either she's in California, Martha's Vineyard, or just holed up with her detox buddies in New York. It doesn't seem like she has much time for anything else.

Despite rumors, I'm almost betting that there's nothing between her and comic Jim Florentine. For one, they are in two completely different worlds, and, two, she doesn't have any time for him. All I want to know is why she is doing all this. Oh right, to "feel better."